Fords of Oakham Department Store - Shop Tour

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Sun Closed

Tele 01572 722 654
Fax  01572 724 493

Over 9,000 sq ft dedicated to meeting your needs
Toys 1,327 sq ft
Homeware 2,185 sq ft
Lingerie 862 sq ft
Gifts 855 sq ft
Menswear 862 sq ft
Linens 632 sq ft
Beds 2,611 sq ft

Fords are registered Funeral Directors

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Fordís have over 30 staff who are highly trained and able to provide customers with specialist advice and support.

Fordís of Oakham recognise that customer satisfaction is key to their success and take great satisfaction in building up good relationships with their customers which is why they return again and again.
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